Performance Testing via

Why Artillery?

1. Node.js tool

2. Broad language support

  • Apache Kafka
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)

3. YAML format

4. Accessible scenarios

5. Easy integration

6. Detailed reports

7. Artillery Docs

How does work?


Fast test


Artillery configuration file my.yml
Artillery setup of test environments

Phases in the config

  • duration: the time of one phase;
  • arrivalRate: the number of users added each second;
  • rampTo: up to how many users per second the load will grow by;
  • name: a name of the phases.
Artillery config phases


Artillery performance testing — plugins


  • GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and some other commands;
  • a URL for every endpoint;
  • the body text in JSON format;
  • all checks you want to run.
writing tests in Artillery
Artillery load testing — report example


Artillery — authorisation
  • payload — to use the payload functionality;
  • path — to write a path for the CSV file that Artillery needs to use;
  • fields — names of fields that you need to use.
Artillery — upload CSV file to authorise by tokens
Artillery — CSV authentification
Artillery — authentication with environment variable
Artillery performance testing — package json
Artillery — past parameters for test requests

Final thoughts

  • runs millions of tests per second across 13 geographical regions;
  • works with existing security systems;
  • no repeat charges or paid maintenance;
  • VPC internal test services.

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Useful articles from experienced Valor specialists in various spheres of digital development.

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