Incorporating user research on live projects — Part 4

The story was kindly provided by Liliia Piddubna (, the Product Designer at Valor Software.

This article is part of a series:

Check out the context, the preparation, and the actual research part with transcribing, diagraming, and hints on the report in case you missed it. Now we have just a conclusion left to make. Thanks for following all the way through the story!


The research gave us an understanding of real user pains and needs. With the help of collected data, we may produce better solutions to resolve those challenges our target audience meets in their daily routine. I have learned tons of facts I couldn’t previously imagine about the work of HRs and Team Managers. Gathered insights could help us create a product that will be in demand and highly valuable for those ones who want to create high-performance, profitable, healthy organizations.

The whole cycle — from preparation to insight report writing and gathering requirement to a new feature, took about 3 weeks of work. The 4th one was the start of the wireframes creation phase.

Lessons learned

  • Sharing with the team is crucial, and UX specialists should find the right words to translate collected insights into design recommendations. I realized that in the future I should dedicate more time to present the result to the development team.
  • All the insights should be later transformed into user stories/jobs-to-be-done format so that the process of user flow creation will be more accurate and easier to validate.
  • In-depth user interviews and contextual inquiries uncover issues that can’t be found out just by guerilla studies (blogs, articles, and specific forums exploration), so advocating for this stage is necessary for UX specialists. As a person responsible for product usage, we should find new strategies for getting a user-centered approach into the development process, which means actually going out of the office and talking to/observing users.

This journey was a great start to incorporating more UX methodology into already existing product teams. I hope my experience will motivate you to start involving user studies in your project and create products that will bring sensible value to the users.




Useful articles from experienced Valor specialists in various spheres of digital development.

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Valor Software

Useful articles from experienced Valor specialists in various spheres of digital development.

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