Implementing WebSockets plugin for NativeScript using React Native

JS empowerment with native platform APIs

As friends of the NativeScript community and preferred partners, we’re constantly trying to improve the NativeScript framework, community, and developer experience.

WebSocket plugin for NativeScript

WebSockets are frequently required for applications, be it for standard WebSocket communication, MQTT, debugging through Redux Remote Devtools, using, and sometimes even used internally on NativeScript itself.


Check the original React Native implementation from where we started. Except for a few functions, like RCTAssert, RCTAssertParam, and RCTLog, everything else just worked straight out of the box. Since NativeScript allows you to use platform APIs as they were designed (most often synchronously) and without the need for a bridge, we also could drop all related bridge code from the React Native implementation and adjust a few data handling items (eg. converting from NSData to ArrayBuffer).

  1. Created a public workspace for NativeScript plugins based on the NativeScript plugin workspace docs and generated the plugin through Nx.
  2. Created a native-src with the Xcode project and built scripts, using the React Native approach.
  3. Ran `ns typings ios` from within the “apps/demo” folder to generate the typings for the RCTSRWebSocket class.
  4. Started writing the WebSocket polyfill straight from JavaScript, which involved creating the Native delegate and calling a callback when these events happened.
  1. Made small adjustments related to data types and converted them to JavaScript types when needed.

Not to compete, but evolve and excel

In conclusion, we want to underline that it is part of our mission as a company and engineers individually to contribute to open-source technologies and make them even better. This way, we can provide developers from around the world with more flexible and responsible options to build software products and overcome their daily challenges. Also, NativeScript is in no way competing with other JS frameworks and on the contrary can be applied in combination with other technologies, for example inside Capacitor by Ionic.

Useful links

- WebSockets plugin for NativeScript on npm



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